About Us

About Blogvisa

Cameroon's biggest web hosting firm by market share, powered by the best server technologies from Google Cloud and Digital Ocean.

Blogvisa is a budding web hosting brand founded by two ambitious Cameroonians with a futuristic tech vision. It started off as a web and mobile app development firm but quickly grew to integrate a web hosting, reseller hosting and domain name provider service. Even though pretty new in the web hosting business, Blogvisa implements the latest world class server technologies to be able to quickly meet up with and overhaul the saturated web and cloud hosting market worldwide.

Today, Blogvisa is a brand of the legal entity Eternal Company Limited, the mother company founded by Blogvisa’s founders to house all their tech innovations. Eternal currently has 4 other brands.

Blogvisa is run from Cameroon by its founders, even though it leverages cloud servers from Digital Ocean in several locations in Europe and North America. These servers are manned by professionals whose expertise guarantee hosted websites’ 99.99% uptime.

Blogvisa’s hosting service began with about 30 clients at a go, but rapidly grew to integrate clients from all over Cameroon and beyond. Today, we boast of hosting some of the biggest public and private businesses in Cameroon.

Blogvisa’s hosting service provides the following:

  • Unlimited Web Hosting
  • Unlimited Reseller Hosting
  • Domain Registrar with several dozen TLDs
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Servers


Blogvisa actively keeps up with the fast pace of web hosting and cloud technologies to provide unrivaled services to all its customers with whom it maintains a cordial business relationship.