blogvisa hosting background

Changes To Our Product Offering and Our Pricing

Our new product is making you feel rested and relaxed, focusing on your product or business while ...

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Website hosting vs Website Building

Getting Web Hosting Does Not Mean You’d Have a Website  

Many people make the misconception that hosting a website means the hosting company would build ...

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We carried out a sweep of our servers to detect and eliminate fraudulent, scam and ...

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We’re Growing! We Have 2 New IP Addresses

Blogvisa is growing faster than we anticipated!. We're moving to new Datacenters in Frankfurt and ...

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Bug Alert: Suspended Hosting Accounts

We discovered a bug discovered in our systems which errorneously suspended a few hosting ...

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Penalties for Spammers, Scammers, Fraudsters and Other Violators

We've recently been faced with so reports of Blogvisa hosting illegal and malicious content being ...

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Most Recent Security Updates from Blogvisa

We've recently implemented some security measures which would better strengthen our servers

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