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What happens when you don't receive some emails sent to you? Do you receive complaints from clients, partners or collaborators about their emails not being delivered?

Blogvisa's stringent security policies make filtering of emails a priority, but sometimes, this over-reliance on security might hurt you more than it helps. Fortunately, we've got a solution for every problem. Here's what to do if you're faced with email delivery issues.

First, check if the email actually reached your server. Sometimes, it could just be a mispelled email from the part of your sender. To do this, log into cPanel and click on Track Delivery under the Email group of modules (You can also simply search for it at the top right of the cPanel

From the ensuing page, you should find a list of all emails received by your server. At the top of the page, you can sort through successfully delivered emails, failed emails, deferred emails and emails in progress.  If the email you were expecting to receive isn't listed among any of these categories, your sender probably mispelled it, or their email server refused sending the email altogether. If the email is listed among failed or deferred emails, you can see the reason for the failure at the actions column on the extreme right.

A majority of times, when you find an email fails or is deferred, you'd be told the address or IP address has been greylisted. There's an easy fix for such situations

Greylisted Emails

If emails to your account are being greylisted, we're just (over) trying to protect you from harmful messages. To prevent having messages to you greylisted, you can do the following:

Please note: the following steps deactivate greylisting on your account. This exposes your email accounts to harmful messages, including spam, malware and viruses. If you remove greylisting on your accounts, be certain to not open emails from dubious sources. Verify senders before opening any emails sent to you. We additionally urge you to Use Gmail to receive your emails as Gmail would offer you far better protection against spam and malware.

Configure Greylisting

Click on Configure Greylisting under the Email group of modules from your cPanel (or search for it from the navigation bar of cPanel).

The ensuing page has just one function: you can turn greylisting on or off. Click on the On-Off button to turn greylisting off.

You shouldn't have any more emails greylisted.

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